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About Me

'Ave a seat cariad, god knows you deserve it!

I’m Damian; a potty mouthed, wine guzzling, too honest for my own good, (and most importantly) adoptive Dadi.

My partner, Andrew, and I adopted our twin boys a little over two years ago, and wow, did our lives change forever! I mean, for the better, of course, but those little rugrats turned up! and two years in, I still have no idea what I am doing.

I worried that when becoming a parent, I’d lose myself, my identity, and have to change the things I loved and had passion for before to ‘fit in’. The perception of Dad’s is a tricky one; “dadvertising” would have you believe we are either suited and booted providers, often absent, with a sprinkle of toxic masculinity thrown in for good measure or clumsy and foolish yet presentable and optimistic egalitarian oafs.

Then there is the LGBTQ+ community, and they love to squeeze you into a good old box; Twink? Daddy? Bear? Otter? Jock?

What if I just wanted to be me and worse still, do all the things I still liked doing while being a parent, a gay parent? Do you think that would be alright?

So, having penned articles and blogs for Gay Boy Bible, Adoption UK and Adoption Wales, as well as featured on podcast The Adoption and Fostering Podcast, I thought, why not pull all those together into one spot and write about my loves – family, relationships, lifestyle and my beloved LGBTQI+ community.

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