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MESOA for Men

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I have never had a skincare routine. Yes, I have dabbled in fads losing copious eyelashes to charcoal masks which resembled tar, but I never fully committed. It is also a populated market with many products promoting ingredients which I’ve never heard of but will make me resemble the collection at Madame Tussauds. So, when I engaged in discussions to review MESOA for Men’s products, I was hesitant.

Having read through their website and reviews I was pleasantly surprised by their approach to skincare. No quick fixes. No ten years younger. Just a clean and sustainable product that used consistently over time hydrates and revitalises skin and evens tone. This isn’t about drinking the elixir of youth. It is about gaining confidence in change.

Over four weeks I reviewed their Peppermint and Tea Tree range, specifically their:

  • Face Wash

  • Face Scrub

  • Shaving Gel

  • Moisturiser

Peppermint and tea tree are one of my favourite combinations. The smell and texture of the products are beautiful and steers away from that locker-room ‘masculine’ odour that many global brands adhere to.

As the hair on my face grows quite patchy and is so dark, I have to shave every day, which can prove problematic for my skin. I found that the tea tree and peppermint formula soothed and prevented irritation. As a shaving gel, it didn’t quite create the lather which I like from foams, but due to its further hydrating formula, I found it much better for daily use than competing brands.

The face scrub is thick, so I wouldn't advise using this every day. I used it once or twice a week and found that it worked best as a face mask, which I kept on for 20/25 minutes. This, on a Sunday afternoon with a glass of red (wine optional) made for the perfect self-care evening. The formula cleared my pores and revitalised my skin ready for a busy week ahead.

For me, the winning combination was their face wash and moisturiser. They are lightweight and can be used every day. I currently use them in the morning when I get up and just before bed. First the face wash and then the moisturiser.

The moisturiser is by far my favourite product. Its lightweight formula dries quickly into my skin, while hydrating and with life currently on Zoom (2020!) providing a much-needed lift for screen.

It is easy to apply. Just a squeeze a small amount on the back of your hand. Use the top of your index finger to scoop up and dab across your face. Once you’re happy it is in the areas it needs to be, use your fingers to rub it in, using small circular movements.

Over the four weeks, I noticed a real change in my skin. My skin has lost its brassiness, that harsh shine form built-up oils and now has a much more even tone. It doesn’t just look fresher but it also feels fresher.

I am converted. I have finally got a skincare regime, which is simple and effective. What I’ve learned is you don’t need 100 products; you need the right products. You need to commit to it long-term. There are no instant results. MESOA for Men has several ranges for varying skin types, as well as serums for beards. They are a personable brand who want to get to know you. You’re not a statistic, your

part of their community. As I said, this isn't about stopping the ageing process it is about gaining confidence in your appearance, whatever your age.

It also makes for the perfect, dare I say it, Christmas present!

MESOA for Men is helping to remove the stigma surrounding male mental health. The company features a community page on their website as well as donating 10% of all UK profits to CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably).

I was invited by MESOA for Men to review their products which were provided complimentary. I was also paid a fee for my services; however, I was not obliged to write a positive review.

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